How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery costs for orders fulfilled by Builder Depot's transport department are £20 inc VAT per order for standard delivery and £40 inc VAT per order for express delivery and will be displayed on the delivery page at checkout. This is for orders that are outside our minimum delivery threshold for receiving free delivery. Click here for information on these thresholds.

You may have a choice of couriers that can differ in cost. The shipping cost for your chosen courier will vary depending on the item(s) purchased and the location in which the item(s) are being shipped to.

Delivery costs charged by our suppliers may also vary. We show the delivery cost before you place your order.

In order to see the delivery cost, you can put your postcode into the field here on the product page, and you will be able to see the minimum delivery cost to your location:

Once you place the item(s) in your basket, you just need to fill in your personal details, and it will generate a shipping price for each item depending on where it is being delivered from. This will look similar to the following illustrations (Please note, you can select a shipment to be delivered or to click and collect depending on the item(s) eligibility as you can see with the smoke alarm below):

If the order is entitled to free shipping, you will see the shipping cost as £0 on each shipment, and it will only display the delivery date. If the order does not qualify for free shipping, you will see the price for each shipment as well as the delivery date.

If the delivery has multiple shipments, it will cut down on the shipping costs dynamically, so the more you buy, the cheaper you will spend across your shipments for delivery. The shipping costs will be completely eliminated, if you buy above our thresholds for free shipping.

You can also select your desired delivery date for certain products, and you can see what this will look like here:

Please note: we will charge an extra delivery cost if the courier is not able to deliver the item(s) successfully due to restrictions on your road, failed delivery or if no one is available to manually offload the goods. This list is not exhaustive, and you will be responsible for informing us of any restriction which impacts our delivery to your location.

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