Can I check the stock availability of a product?

All product pages will display the stock availability online, shown as either "In Stock" or "Out of Stock". 

If an item is in stock, you will be able to view the quantity available in each branch by going to the product page and clicking the1.PNG2.png link. You will see all the available stock levels for each of our 4 branches for products we stock ourselves. If the product page says direct from supplier, you will not be able to see the stock availability.

If an item is out of stock, you can select the wwww.png button listed on the right hand side of the picture and you will receive notification when it is back in stock.  

You will need to create an online account or login to your existing account to take advantage of this feature.

Please note: When checking the stock availability of an item via the product page, the stock may show a slightly higher quantity than in-stock due to the time the system takes to update the stock on each page. If stock is sold, it may take some time for the stock availability to update itself with the live stock count.

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