What stage is my order at?

You can check the status of your order by logging into your online account.  Your status will show either: PENDING, PROCESSING, HOLD, COMPLETED or CLOSED.

Here is a breakdown of each one and what they mean:


  • PENDING - This means that your order has been accepted and is due to be processed by our E-Commerce team. This is the best time to call us if you wish to cancel or remove any item(s) from the order. 


  • PROCESSING - This means that your order has now been picked up by our E-commerce team who have sent your order to the appropriate department to be picked and packed, or it has been sent to one of our suppliers who will deliver your order direct. At this stage, you will receive email notification regarding your order.


  • HOLD - This means that your order is being delayed and we are awaiting a response from you. An email will have been sent to you explaining why your order is on hold. Once you respond to this we can then update the status of your order.


  • COMPLETED - This means that your order should have been delivered successfully to you. Your order will remain in our online archives for the next 6 years. 


  • CLOSED - This means that your order has been fully refunded. You order will also remain in our online archives, but no further action will take place regarding your order. 
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