Part of my order is out of stock. When will it be back in stock?

On the occasion a product that you have ordered online suddenly becomes out of stock, you will receive a message advising you for this. 

Whilst we do have a live stock feed for products in branches and with our suppliers on our website. If there may be an occasion where stock sells out quickly or we no longer have the item available customers would be notified. We can also advise on any affected orders on a case by case basis for when the affected item is due to be back in stock. Whether this be from our branches or our suppliers warehouses for direct orders. 

If a product that you wish to order is displayed as 'Out Of Stock' on the website, the option to add the product to your trolley is removed. This will only be changed once the product is confirmed to be back in stock again and available to order.

You can find out when stock may be due back in by contacting our online Customer Care Team by clicking Contact Us

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