How do I see if my product is covered under warranty?

If the item purchased does have a warranty applied, details of this are advised on the product page under the 'Product Details' section, as shown below: 

warranty website.2.png

For product warranties, these are provided either by the manufacturer or the supplier of the product and can vary depending on the item and supplier.

Certain items such as boilers or home appliances may also require the product to be registered with the supplier or manufacturer, so customers are able to ensure the item is covered under the full warranty offered. This will also be established in the 'Product Details' section and will often include a direct link to click on.

We would recommend checking if the manufacturer of your item has a helpline, repair or warranty service. If there's no warranty or repair service advised on the product page, customers are able to email us by clicking Contact Us and speak to a member of our Customer Care Team who can then provide the next steps in the process.

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